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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm still in the process of adding new prints to the For Sale section.

Rowboat, Central Park

I think this is the first color print I've put up for sale.  Not much color but what's there is choice (paraphrase, Pat and Mike).


3:31:54 PM    

It is almost 5 years since I began the blog / journal / daybook thing.  Here is the first entry:


Probably a strange thing to try, but the idea of starting an on-line, journal related to this photography might be interesting. That remains to be seen. Like any journal, this will be somewhat rambling...

The original idea came from reading Westons's Daybooks.  What I didn't realize at the time was that it is very different to be writing your private thoughts down knowing that someday they might be read, as opposed to writing your private thoughts down in what is essentially a daily newspaper column. 

Here's a link to the beginning of the blog from Dec. '99.  I read through the first entry and found it pretty boring.  I think they got better as I went along; or if not better - looser. It is unfortunate, but sometimes it seems like I need to wait for everyone to die before I can write about them.  And not only the main characters, but their children and grandchildren as well.

I had four uncles - all dead.  The other day I was making a chart in my head that had three data streams describing my dead uncles: 1) wealth 2) niceness and 3) age at death.  I began with Uncle Irv. who was the first to go, and ended with uncle Izzy who was the last, and plotted their longevity against wealth and niceness.  Now what how am I going to write about this?  They all have grown kids who might just tune into this blog and be offended.

And that's just to start.  That's uncles.  What about closer relatives.  I have bookloads of stories, but I guess I would be tossed out of the family if I began to write about any of 'em.  And it's not because my immediate family are any worse than any of you - just that you and I don't want to see our personal lives used as fodder for someone's blog.  However, if I gave them a chance to appear on t.v. - hmmm - I'll be they'd go for it.  I'll bet you would too.

9:41:58 AM