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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Guggenheim,New York

Guggenheim #77

You won't exactly find this if you come to NYC to look at the Guggenheim - since basically I painted the sky black.  [See Rolling Stones for influences]

10:20:47 PM    

Reservoir Stairs,New York

Reservoir Stairs

I'm going through a more serious study of photoshop in my spare time.  In the past, I've learned whatever through a sort of hit and miss way.  Now that the Dektol has been flushed, it's time to take it more seriously.  I'm also pretty sure that I'm going to end up with the ImagePrint RIP (lite version $495) and the 2200 OR WAIT FOR THE R800 VERSION?.  I don't think I can do what I want without a decent RIP but ImagePrint uses the dongle and is only good with specific printer - so what if I buy it and then get another printer... Obsess to progress (that's my new motto).

1:32:48 PM    

Item: The Epson: PX-G5000

Not being able to read Japanese, I can't really verify this in any way shape or form; but there is a thread in dpreview that points to the Epson Japanese site where this is a picture of a new printer that one of the posters says is the 13 inch R800.  But I haven't seen any announcements about it anywhere at Photokina.

At any rate, I have enough to do with moving furniture around and nursing my sore back so that I'm going to wait at least another two weeks before going for the 2200. [Editor: thank you to Frankie Factoid for this bit of information]

- - -

I did run it through the Google Translator but didn't get much:

USB 2.0
IEEE 1394
1.5 pl (picoliters?)
PX G Ink

9:46:25 AM    

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