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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Central Park Kiss,New York

Kiss on Wall

7:55:56 PM    

Guggenheim Museum,New York

Guggenheim Museum

6:06:29 PM    

Bridle Path, Central Park, New York

Bridle Path, Central Park

I waited around for about a half-hour for this horse and rider to come by and basically had one shot as they galloped under the pedestrian bridge.

5:56:45 PM    

Today is a big day as I'm closing down the darkroom end of the business.  I've changed the black and white section so that all prints (unless I have an old darkroom print in stock) are done with the HP 7960.  In other words, the largest size is 8 x 12.  I will continue to research and experiment with the best way to get larger b&w prints.  In the meantime, I can begin to open up a separate color section.

Although I haven't gotten rid of the enlarger and it's sisters and brothers (washers, trays, etc.) I expect that about 35% of the house will now be opened up for me to use.  And just as a starter, I can remove the ugly black cloth that's been hanging over the one window in the house for the past ten plus years.  Yippee!

It's a big day.  And as it happens, the first day of the Jewish New Year. 

Of course, you may ask - does anyone want to buy digital prints?  Answer - unknown.  But I'm in that fat period right now where I just have my hands full getting notecards done.  Maybe I'll just specialize in notecards.

11:21:46 AM