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Sunday, September 19, 2004

More Candy, New York

Mo' Candy

Wow.  Are you telling me there's even more candy in that bowl?

4:39:52 PM    

I had did some more tests with the Prem. Plus glossy stock and decided to go with it instead of the satin.  So I went down to B&H Photo to get some (which they had on their website).

While I was waiting for them to find the 11 x 17 Prem. Plus Gloss paper at B&H I spoke with an HP sales rep.  He may or may not know anything more than me, but he thought there wouldn't be a large version of the 7960 for at least a year.

B&H turned out not to have any of the paper in stock so I went to Adorama and bought their last 3 boxes of 11 x 17 Prem. Plus. Gloss Paper.  My plan is to cut this stuff down to 8.5 x 13 or so, and do my 8 x 12 prints on it.  If it works out, I may just offer prints up to 8 x 12 and call it a day.

3:53:54 PM    

Added a good Photokina News link on left navigation.  Check out the first disposable digital camera (I kid you not).

- - -

I'm continuing to devour the printer boards, looking to glean some idea of what is coming down the line.  I've seen a lot of messages about the R800 getting a "bigger brother."  I haven't seen anything about HP 7960 getting a bigger brother, though there seem to be new versions of the 7960 size printer.  One of the by-products of all this reading, is that Epson Printer boards are always filled with clog and to a lesser extent banding issues; whereas the HP boards are generally free of this type of complaint.

I signed up for the HP forums on wide format printers, and read a lot of stuff about the Designjet 130 and the Designjet 30.  There are some complaints with the 130 about indentations when the roll paper is used with certain papers - but nothing with the sheet feeder, and very little complaining.  The 30 and the 130 both use the same dye ink (minus the extra photo black cartridge) - as the 7960 and with your two paper choices of PP Gloss and PP Satin, can do archival quality prints.

Anyway, my own experience with the 7960 continues to be great and I haven't had any clogging / banding issues with it at all - even if it has been sitting unused for a week.  The tendency to clog with the Epson printers - is an issue for me after having clogged the 1160, and then the 1280.  Advice is given to make sure to do a test page once every few days, or to go through cleaning cycles - over time eating up lots of ink, and not giving me that warm fuzzy feeling.

And I still haven't found anyplace in New York City - the great metropolis that carries the Super B version of the PP Satin paper.  It must be here somewhere.  I'll just have to send out my staff to do a hard target search.

10:16:53 AM    

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