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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Roosevelt Island, New York


We had a touch of Ivan come by yesterday.  I still find myself liking the look of b&w, or as in this case, tinted photographs better than what I'm doing with color.  Could just be my own deficiencies with color.  I did this shot RAW, and then ran it through the Retouche Filter.  I seem to have an especially tough time with 'greens.'  Maybe it's the sickly New York tree greens that are trouble.  Or maybe the new tricks an old dog learns return him to his original roots.

10:10:32 PM    

After lots of hemming and hawing (haw haw) I finally decided that I would buy the larger 13 x 19 HP Premium Plus Satin (also known as matte, also known as semi-gloss) paper.  I'd cut it down to do 8 x 12 prints on it with the 7960.  So I search all over the place (once again) for some store in NYC that carries this paper and can't find any.  I look around on the web.  The only place I can find is the HP Store online.

Fine - I've been through this before.  Last time around they have some problem accepting my order because of my medium cookie settings.  So I set the cookies to ACCEPT EVERY DAMN COOKIE EVERY MADE.  I turn off anti-virus software.  I open my pc up to everyone.  Go ahead - make my day.

Back to their site.  Now things are moving.  I get past the last blocking point - and enter my credit card and billing info.  Hit the button to confirm and voila - I'm taken back to the HP Store's Home Page without any confirmation page; and without any confirmation e-mail.  Huh?

Did I order it or not?  Dunno.  So I go back to their site where you can check your orders and it shows no orders for me.  I guess I'll just call the marketing morons up on Monday and do it over the phone.  Maybe they can even tell me if there is a store in New York that actually sells the paper in this size.  So much for "HP: Invent."  They invented a new way not to make any sales.

- - -

I found this comment in one of the Epson threads today:

 "i was at an epson dealer today (actually chasing dates for a eos 20d...) but he mentioned that the r800 would have a 'big brother' soon (within the next month).  he also mentioned that the 2100/2200 would be continued as it is more of a fine art printer (better on matte papers)"

1:39:25 PM