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Friday, September 17, 2004

Over the Shoulder,New York

Over the Shoulder Shot

One thing I've noticed about myself, is that I do my best work by returning over and over to the same spot.  This shot was taken from some stairs near the basketball court.  I've always liked this angle, and have done a lot of shots over the last few years from this exact spot.  Some of the areas on 105th street, and the shots in front of the Metropolitan Museum - although it might seem tedious to keep returning to the same place - it isn't for me.  The city is always different.  The background is like a set for a play that I haven't seen yet.

In the days when I actually would travel to some semi-foreign location, I would have a lot of trouble getting anything worthwhile unless I could stay in one spot for a week or two.  I don't think there is anything magical about the particular location I'm in - I think if you transplanted me to another location I would find some areas that interested me and stake them out.  I remember spending three days in Yosemite.  Came back with nothing.  Absolutely amazing because there I was - in front of all the Adams icons - and couldn't figure out anything to do with them. 

Some of the better shots I got of Paris were when I was there, in one hotel (a real dive) for two weeks.  I found a couple of locations that I liked and just kept returning to them over and over.  If I travel with someone who is not a photographer - then fergetaboutit.  I will simply drive them crazy.  They want to see everything, and I end up sitting in a park for hours watching the passersby and looking at the light.  Eventually, whoever I'm with goes off on their own, usually pissed off. (I lose more travelling companions this way).

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After talking with Heath yesterday - I did a bunch of shots today in RAW mode.  No doubt, you have a lot more post-processing control, but the camera is just too slow for me in that mode.  Period.  If I'm doing more contemplative shooting, then I will definitely shoot RAW.  But for quick stuff on the street - can't do it.   Heath does beautiful work in Alaska and has been very helpful to me with this whole digital thing:

1:46:31 PM    

I'm trying to keep a close eye on Photokina. (Begins Sept. 28th)  has a good page for new camera announcements.

I'm still looking for a good source for new printer announcements.  What I really want to see is if the new Epson R800 technology is incorporated into a larger format printer.  (Though I did read one review of the R800 where there was lots of head clogging -hmmm, I wonder if is taken).  I'm also hoping that HP will announce a large format version of the 7960, but it doesn't look hopeful as they have announced another letter-sized version - I forget what it was - the 8xxx.  They seem to be going after the home market and leaving the big stuff to Epson.  A bummer since I like the dye-based archival quality (wide gamut) of the 7960 very much, not to mention the great b&w prints I can get out of it.

Maybe I'll just stick with doing 8 x 10's.  Hey, Eddie Weston did pretty good at that size from his one-bulb, one sheet of glass contact prints.

11:06:14 AM