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Monday, September 13, 2004

Finally found time to add some new notecards to the sales area and revamp it a little:

Next, work on the digital prints for sale section. 

- - -

You'd be surprised, if you haven't done your own website at the amount of trivial grunt work that goes into it.  I spent a fair amount of time this morning making square thumbnails for the notecard section.  It is somewhat automated as a series of actions in Photoshop, but then, since Photoshop Gallery doesn't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no square thumbnails, I had to write a regular expression to parse the thumbnail page and replace all the widths / heights with 60 x 60.  Then replace the thumbs they generate with my own square ones.  Was that worth the time?  I dunno.

8:32:58 PM    

Reservoir, New York

Two for the Road
Central Park Reservoir

11:02:36 AM    

Did you ever see Willie Nelson's guitar?  You know, the beat up one.  The sound hole has splintered from years of strumming.  The neck has turned yellow from years of smoking.  It's been patched together with hinges.  And there is a sense that this patina of time has enhanced it.

And photographers cameras were once like that.  You would meet a fellow who had a beat up Leica, or Nikon that had been through all the wars and was a trusted friend.

Then the guitars really go electric in a big way.  Eric Clapton has played and owned thousands of guitars.  You can see where I'm going with this. 

The digital camera will reach a level where it just has enough features for  professionals, and there will be a lull for a few years, but the digital camera is just that - digital.  Pound for pound, it is now more computer than camera.  Or, to put it another way - it will follow the same doubling every x number of years as PCs have until there is no new killer app that you just have to have. 

If they progess at the rate of PCs, you'll have a full frame 14 megapixel camera in the $2000 range (future dollars) in less than five years.  Then where will they go?  Wireless technology?   You are out in the field and your camera has a built in transmitter.  You have this already with add-ons. 

Will there be embedded PDAs?  Eye-focusing technology already exists, so it will be welded on.  Smart analysis to help you compose (some of the Canons already have this);  Built-in backup technology (you set your camera to automatically wire images to another disk).

And even in this Brave New World that has such creatures in it - there will still be the film artist, just as there is still a Willie Nelson with his beat up guitar.  But the relationship between the photographer and his equipment will never be the same; anymore than we have an emotional relationship with our latest pc (apple people excluded).

10:02:22 AM