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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Subway Image, New York

Just Out

After approaching with a big smile, asking me to take his picture (34th street), he asked what time it was.  I heard him, but I quipped something like, here's a dollar.  No, what time is it he asked, annoyed (rightfully so).  I told him and he pulled out this silver watch which he set.  He said he was just out of the hospital and in fact had just ripped off the wrist ID they stick on you.

(This was done with 'a touch' of fill flash, which I've begun using on the street lately when necessary.  Yes, with the Russian Firmware hack for the Rebel, you can do Flash Exposure Compensation).

7:02:21 PM    

As far as the march of technology goes, I'm still in a state of flux.  I looked at the Epson 4000 printer today at B&H.  Woa, that is too much machine for me.  I'd be replacing one monster machine (VI) with another.  B&H didn't have them in stock anyway, nor did they have the stand.  When I move to my farmhouse in the country, maybe I'll consider it.  So for now, the 2200 is at the top of the list.  I'm still curious about whether there is going to be a successor announced at Photokina.

Several people have now gotten the Canon D20.  A few of them have said that the thing was substantially more noisy (mirror-slapwise) than the 10D.  Since the 10D can now be had for a song, and since I can still get a few hundred dollars if I trade in the 300D Rebel.  The 10D (which is quiet) and has a better build than the 300D along with other features - is a real possibility.  But I'm going to wait on all this until I get my hands on the 20D.

So that's where it all stands.  Narrowing down, slowly.

6:50:59 PM