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Friday, September 10, 2004

Carriage Driver, New York

Carriage Driver, Night

10:37:40 PM    

Turquoise Door

Floor Lamp

When you get tired of the real world - lie on the floor and photograph your floor lamp. Make sure it casts a nice soft shadow on the wall, and retouch the hell out of it.

And here's the same shot in black and white:

Turquoise Door


3:28:19 PM    

One other unknown on the printer horizon: will there be a large version of the Epson R800?  What is interesting is that the R800 actually has a cartridge for eliminating the 'bronzing' effect by applying a clear varnish layer during the printing.

Unfortunately, once again, this guy only takes a letter-size paper.

2:47:54 PM    

59th Street Bridge

Roosevelt Island, Night

11:54:48 AM    

"From what I have read about the Epson 4000 it`s no better than the 2200 for printing B/White and
thats bad. But colour-Thats another story. I think for B/W the only way to go at present is HP..But I
think maybe I`ll hang on and see what Photokina has to offer at the end of this Month I believe."

I'm sure that's true.  Same inks.  Same b&w bronzing etc.  If HP would introduce a larger format printer with the same inkset as the 7960 - then done deal.  I guess I should at least wait until Photokina too.  But I don't have much faith that HP is on the ball here. 

When I do finally get rid of the Zone VI and the darkroom stuff - my apartment opens up and becomes practically spacious.  The dark cloth over the window can go.  The print washer in the bathroom can go.  All the big trays (various sizes).  All the chemicals, jugs, bottles.  I'm not even sure I need the mounting press anymore since I mostly use it to flatten fiber prints. 

The table for the trays goes.  About half my apartment becomes useable again.  What I would end up doing is using the 7960 for 8 x 12 and smaller black and white, (and for the notecards) and the 4000 for everything else.  And I'm getting very impatient to make this move.  The reasoning for the 4000 is that you can get the larger cartridges, and over the course of a year, this will probably pay for the cost of the printer itself.

7:47:03 AM