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Thursday, September 09, 2004

59th Street Bridge

59th Street Bridge, Night

8:47:56 PM    

photograph of clouds

Clouds #67

I had noticed the clouds were looking spectacular while I was on my way back from some errand.  As soon as I took care of changing the cat's litter box, I ran out to the river with tripod and camera and as the sun was setting took this shot.  A few people in the park were standing by, watching me point at the sky.  I don't think they saw anything - and walked on.

8:43:27 PM    

digital new york

Pablo's Daughter #1

1 second exposure:

Photographer: when you hear the camera click, turn your head 90 degrees...

Kid: huh?

Photographer: look at your pc when you hear the shutter...

Kid: what's a shutter...

Photographer: just turn your head!

Kid: but it's gonna be blurred...

Photographer: I know - that's what I want.

Kid: That's dumb.

Photographer: It's sort of a cubist thing.  You know - same subject from different angles at the same time.

Kid: Oh, like Picasso.  That sounds cool.

Photographer: Okay - ready, set... go.

Kid: (Looking at image) Hey, that is cool.  And like, the dog is just sitting there.   I like it.  Can you make me a copy.

12:35:30 PM