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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Buddy, Glamour Shot

'I'm ready for my close-up"

I was mostly fooling around with using different color temperature light: the deep yellow of the shaded incandescent bulb, against the blue dusk light coming in through the window.  I took a color white card reading of the tungsten light, and let the background go blue.

 Then I did some masking stuff to keep the eyes and whiskers sharp and add some blur to his body and the background.  I might have done more, but he's asking for payment lately.

7:30:25 PM    

Modern Life

Building Utopia ain't easy.  I was doing a thought-exercise which went something like this:

The rules are that you can't change human nature.  You can't change the laws of physics.  Anything else is fair game.

So you look around at the world today and you decide that the following are issues:

Countries, Religions, Different Cultures - so you imagine a world which is all one country, one religion, one culture, one language.  And then you take it a step further - everyone gets the same amount of money.  Everyone has the same house. 

But of course you immediately run into problems: who's running this world government?  Can't have people doing it or you get yourself into trouble with two classes, power struggles et. al.  So you decide that the world can only be run by non-emotional machines making the decisions.  But now you need people to make and service the machines and they become the ruling class.

And other troubles pop up:  some people will want to work for their dole, others will just hang out and do nothing.  Some of the houses, even though they are the same, will have southern exposure, some will face north.  Cliques will start between the North-facers and the South-facers.

Groups of hard-workers vs. non-workers will form.

And of course, human nature being what it is - people will figure out how to get more stuff from their neighbor's houses; an underground criminal movement will thrive. 

And even if everyone has exactly the same stuff - that won't do much for domestic violence; adultery; and just plain old domestic strife.

You can go the other way and have a competitive society (world capitalism) - oh, we have that now.  You can't have capitalism without haves and have-nots.  Otherwise there's no point to it.

The only solution that I came up with is a world in which people are re-programmed (which is against the rules of the thought experiment) - to love their neighbor as they love themselves.  But even that doesn't work out unless everyone does love themselves.

You can imagine a world without religion and without countries ( a la John Lennon) but to really get to the heart of the problem, you need to look inwards.  You need to imagine a world of Buddhist monks.  Of course, that won't work because any group has its' dropouts - so you end up with anti-monk groups.

So you want to build an Utopia?  Good luck to you.  Not with human beings.  I quickly come to the conclusion that the fault (and there are so many) is not in the stars, not in the government, not in the religion - but unfortunately - in ourselves.  We're just a bloodthirsty race of primates that have amplified their faults with our wonderous minds. Oh well.

8:46:39 AM