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Thursday, September 02, 2004

"Your work is unbelievable! Everytime I look at your photographs they leave me speechless. For an art display, some of your pictures inspired an installation theme of mine. The theme was the essence of life, and that's exactly what your photographs capture. You are awesome..God has blessed you! Stay awesome dude!

You should have shot [them] all based on hands. I think that hands tell what kind of life you have lived and are just so interesting. Kinda like looking at the rings on a tree. Hands are so simple but they speak so much about a person. Ha it's just an idea that would be awesome if you did that. Later "

I have had the same idea, but decided to just photograph people holding hats instead.  More on this later.

9:26:38 PM    

Police Hat With Picture

I can't figure out what it is a picture of.  Inside the top of the hat is some plastic that looks like it has some 'fresh scent' thing in it; but slipped into the plastic sleeve is a picture that looks like either the back of a dog, or a some animal from Disney Land.  Your guess is as good as mine.  I can make out the words "new york police" and "section."  And it looks like a horse jumping over a stone wall.  Or it might be a kangaroo.  I know what you're thinking - that they are mounted police - but they all showed up on bikes.  Do the bike police dream of being mounted police?  Is this some sort of "Blow Up" type of movie in the making?  And what the heck is that first word - in script?  Corvette? 

You see - this is why you shouldn't send me out on these protest assignments.  I come back with pictures of good looking women, tumblers and the inside of cops' hats.  I wonder if they have anything in common other than having nothing much to do with anything that's going on.

5:53:25 PM    

Bryant Park

Steve, I too was shocked at how beautiful Bryant Park has become.  Somewhere in my travels I wound up there, bought a cafe latte from Starbucks, and sat down at a table staring at the backlit trees and how the filtered light was coloring the tree trunks this nice lemon color.  That was the most peaceful moment of the week.

5:30:40 PM    

Does anyone know of an add-on comment feature, like Haloscan - that allows you to grant Editor Rights to the comments?  I don't want to switch from the Radio Blog which is what I'm using now, I would just like to allow readers to edit their own comments.  Other features that would be nice: if the comment link showed how many new comments since you last looked at the blog; and how about a line showing the name (if there is one) of the last poster.

- - -

I did hear that there will be an all day protest in Union Square but unless there is a demonstration on 83rd street and 2nd avenue, I'm done with all this.  The cat needs brushing; the house needs cleaning; the laundry needs doing and there are a couple of orders to take care of.

10:13:19 AM    

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