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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

And there were lighter moments as well.  When the cops stormed up towards the protesters on the steps - the protesters began chanting: Give the cops a raise.  Give the cops a raise. (If you're not from NYC - the cops have been threatening to go on strike if they don't get a pay raise.)

9:44:32 PM    

Protest Counter

The idea, as I understood it - was that they would hang a video camera from a helium balloon.  The video camera could be controlled from the ground, and doppler radar could be used to do a head count of the protesters.  I'm not sure if the police let this trial balloon go up.  They thought the camera might fall off and injure someone.

8:52:19 PM    

One If By Land

I asked him what his name was.  "Paul Revere," he said.  And held up fingers... One if by land, two if by... etc. 

8:40:15 PM    

Plastic Cuffs

8:36:25 PM    

At the Gates

8:30:22 PM    

Woman with Red Bandana

8:26:01 PM    

Protest Arrest #1

Union Square Park.  I photographed three arrests.  I can't say that I understood the reasons for them.  They all seemed somewhat odd to me.  One guy, for example had a tube of cardboard on his arm filled with green yarn (yes yarn, the stuff you knit with).  The police thought it was a bomb, and even after he was handcuffed and the tube was found to be yarn, he was taken away.  Someone told me that it is common for the protesters to use devices like this to ward off baton blows.  More to follow...


6:51:59 PM