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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Bike Trick 

It was hot and muggy in the city, and I didn't feel much like going out - especially not to the same old park - but I didn't feel like hanging around the house so out I went to the same old park - and there were about 40 kids out there with these mini-bikes (don't know what they're really called) who had gathered from around the country to do bike tricks.  I shot quite a bit (half a card) and this one is my favorite.  This was done with the 50mm lens which I still find myself shooting with as a normal lens.

So I left the house feeling sluggish and mopey and these kids gave me a great rush.  I imagine that is what it's like for an actor - where they gather energy from the audience.  I seem to get the same charge from life in the city.

7:33:19 PM