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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hi Dave, I just came across this image from the Mermaid parade. Any chance this is you on the left caught by another photographer?

Nope - not me.  I was wearing shorts and a blue tee shirt.

I will say that you could find every type of camera ever made there - from 4 x 5's to the latest digital stuff.

Today I went downtown and picked up some more xp2 at Adorama.  While I was there I handled the Digital Rebel.  Definitely not for me.  Among other things, I don't care for the viewfinder.  In fact, when I first looked through it I said to myself - how do people photograph with this thing.  (So far, I almost always say that when I pick up a digital camera.) And why does the field of vision seem so dim and small?  I put my own 50mm lens on (which is a fast lens) but the viewfinder still seemed to lack contrast and to be dim and smallish.

Also, I would absolutely have to have the custom functions that enable you to lock focus with the button on the back.

Yes, they had the 10D, but right now I can't afford to look at that.  And I know I'm greedy but if I were to get a digital camera I would want my current lenses to not suffer the digital magnification business.  In other words, I want my 20mm to be a 20mm.  Maybe that's asking too much, but that's how I feel.

I did stop by the Gay Day Parade and hung out in the motorcycle area for a while but compared to yesterday it was boring and I went home.

2:46:36 PM    

Aw, Dave,

Don't be so hard on Duggal. There's a REASON they are the standard-bearer
for pro labs in NYC (and it's not just their huge marketing budget). 
- J.

Hi J.,

Didn't really think I said anything harsh about Duggal -- have used them off
and on for years and I like them a lot.  Just the price got me.  I've been doing my own b&w developing for the last two years and I forgot what they charge. - Best, Dave.

8:00:44 AM