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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

As I stood in the street I was handed a card to join a local photography club.  What do you do there, I asked the woman who had given me the card, and she told me that it was just a place for people to get together and share their images and that once a month they have a photo contest.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I am opposed to photo contests.  Whether I would win, lose or draw, it seems like a totally dumb idea.  I mean, if I took two of my own photos to judge, I couldn't tell which one was better than the other so how could a group of people.  How can one picture be a "winner."  Have you ever seen how judges attempt to explain why a picture is good?  Hogwash.

But I keep getting asked to entered contests and I keep refusing on epistemological  grounds.  The only time that it would have some meaning to me would be if it was judged by one single photographer that I respected.  But I suspect that any photographer that I respected wouldn't be caught dead doing this sort of judging unless they were hard up for money.

2:03:26 PM    

Patient #22

I'm going through tissues and water like crazy, and so long as I feel sick, and feel stuck around the house, I'm going to post images like this, which was taken while I was lying on a gurney after my colonoscopy. Camera: Hexar Classic.


1:45:43 PM