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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


This is how I feel today.  My father after an operation a few months ago.  My sisters thought I was nuts to take this shot, invasion of privacy and all that but my father was happy the operation was over and wanted me to take the photograph.  Why, he asked, does everything have to be happy stuff.  This is real.  It was done with the Elan 7 with the 35mm lens, and fill flash.

Hospitals scare the hell out of me.  They want to fix your body but they also want to take your personal will away as well.


9:38:25 PM    

Bad upper respitory type thing and was up most of the night coughing and wheezing.  This morning both ears hurt and when I tried to talk to someone on the phone, discovered I also had laryngitis.  That's just great. 

So up all night watching the clip of the President lying in state.  Apparantly from what I see he was a much beloved president.  And thinking back on it, I remember that I even voted for him once. (Is that how you spell lying in state it doesn't look right to me, though maybe more appropriate).

If Lying in State is correct then we've got lot's of people lying in state...

- - -

This came in the mail:

The link below is for a petition pertaining to The New School's (New York City) planned remodeling, with the subsequent destruction of its photographic darkroom.  This historic darkroom facility was established by the great Berenice Abbott, among others.  The New School not only does not plan to replace the darkroom; they have decided to eliminate instruction in
darkroom photography altogether.


To permanently close the darkroom would be a great loss for the students and for a school long noted for its association with important photographers such as Diane Arbus, Lisette Modell, and Ben Fernandez. The teachers at The New School have asked that this petition be forwarded in hopes of having the administration reconsider its plan.

A number of luminaries in the world of photography have already signed the petition.  Some of their comments on the topic of digital-vs.-darkroom are quite interesting.

Thanks for reading.

I don't have any desire to sign this.  It's just the way things are going.  If a school wants to stop teaching darkroom craft, that's their business, and given that this is the "new school" I don't see why they should teach "old school stuff."  But if you think this is some sort of travesty - go for it.  Who is the president of the New School anyway?  Isn't it some politico?


8:53:22 AM    

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