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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Got out the last two print orders this morning.  I have one card order to finish.  I need to wait for the new Red River envelopes which should come tomorrow.

- - -

Socrates was an annoying guy to be around.  He asked so many questions that he was accused of corrupting the youth and was forced to take some poison.  He was what you might call an honest broker.  An honest broker doesn't have an ideology to push other than what might be considered the public good.  We are sorely in need of such a person.  Every single person I've watched on the cable news shows has an agenda to push.  This is stupid.  You can tell if a person is a partisan or not because half the country will agree with everything they say and the other half will oppose it. 

Can you imagine a politician today that would simply, and I use that term advisedly, who's questions could not be predicted?  In the political environment, these types are known as loose cannons and once they step over the partisan line, they are dismissed.

No, Ralph Nader is not such a person.  His answers are predictable.  Al Gore - did you hear his last speech?  I think he was auditioning for announcer of pro-wrestling - Are You Ready to Rumble?  I think he's become unhinged (and I agree with lots of what he says).

Kerry - careful - way careful... Don't say anything that would alienate the middle-of-the-road guy.

No, this is a doctrinaire age.  Fanatics abound.  Independent thinking has gone out of style.  The million channels of news have an average story length of 4 minutes.  There's no time for ambiguity.  The presidential debates are a joke.  Orwellian speak is everywhere.

The latest phrase to catch my ear is: "an uptick in the violence."

Yes. An uptick in the violence, and then cut to a bunch of burnt bodies with severed arms and legs.  Just an uptick.  Isn't an uptick something that happens to the stock market?

I've had it.  I'm going to pack up soon and move to someplace where I don't understand a word of the language - maybe Denmark.

11:47:10 AM