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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Just a quick note.  Changed color cartridges (MIS) today.  Two cleaning cycles and back in business.  I also noticed something that I have no explanation for: the 8-bit setting (depth) seems to give smoother results (with the Epson 1280) than the 16-bit setting.  That's not supposed to be, but it is.

Another interesting note (to me anyway) -- if you are using the Eboni Ink cartridge, don't even think about using one of the non-Eboni curves -- you will just get a nice clod of ink in the dark areas.

I continue to mostly print with the Eboni-Carbon curve.  It is a warm tone, but nothing like a Sepia.  Once in a while I'll do something with the Eboni-Dark Sepia curve.

I've probably done about 25 separate images in the last two days.  Several of each.  They're sort of like mini-posters.  It's as if you had bought a separate page from a high-end art book and matted it.  All the work that I did to calibrate the monitor and get the grayscale card images right paid off, because essentially I'm just taking those images -- with the little signature and title -- and hitting my Eboni-Curve action which does all the settings and loads the curve - and away I go.

I do find that I have to clean the "dump pad" at least once a week.  But that's not a big deal.  If I don't do it, I will eventually get some touch of smudging.


4:45:15 PM    

Mike was kind enough to send me a shot of the prints on his wall -- so here you go:

Mike's Wall.

8:10:28 AM    

Web sales have slowed to a trickle.  Who cares.  A friend came by in the afternoon just to see some of the inkjets I've been doing and bought 5 small prints.  I don't even have this new stuff I'm doing on the web yet because since the tone of each one is a little different, I need to scan them in color - and then add them to the database an all that.  But the production side of things is humming along right now.

Basically I took the image files I was using to produce the old cards - and just tweaked them for the new inks and printed them on 6 x 9 paper and put them in 5 x 7 opening on 8 x 10 mats.   I think of them as sort of mini-posters - they have a title, and borders, and the digital signature -- like the old cards.  Same exact size.  Instead of selling them for say $3.50 each as a card -- once they are presented as matted images I sell them for $20 each.

Except for the mat - same cost as making a card and more bang for the buck.

I pointed out the slight amount of "bronzing" to two or three people - and they were like - so what -- these are absolutely beautiful.  So I'm spending the rest of the week, possibly the rest of the weekend churning them out and then I'll have enough to go around and sell them.

I should have one of those attache cases attached to a pop-up stand like the guys that sell fake watches in the city. Hey - get your art here!  Real art! Cheap!  You know what'd be cool - pack the attache case on the pop-up stand -- and go to some other country and sell them on the street and see how long it took before I got arrested and thrown into the Bastille or something. 

As far as politics go -- I've been too disgusted with what's going on to write anything about it.  So I won't write anything now either.  Let's just say that I'm becoming somewhat radicalized (I hope that isn't illegal yet).  What a mess.  One side is all for turning this over to an international force - what international force?  The U.N.  You think they can handle it?  NATO?  Oops... I'm getting into it again.  I'll stop. 

I'm just a small purveyor of inkjet prints in a big city with cops on every corner in what appears to be the start of a multi-generational religious war.  That's just great.

5:05:35 AM    

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