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Friday, April 30, 2004

The prints that I'm doing now with this new system are officially "more beautiful" than anything else I've been doing - at least at the current 5 x 7 size.

The workflow is something like this:

1) Scan the negative with the 5400 with 2x multi-scan set.  (This takes a fairly long time, but I think the multi-scan at 2x is worth the extra scan time.)  Also, I use the Minolta scanning software to make most of the changes with the exposure curve.  And scan at the maximum resolution of 5400 if I think I'm ever going to do a large print (12 x 18).

2) Open the file in Photoshop and do whatever "spotting" needs to be done, i.e. remove dust etc.  Make any further PS adjustments. Save.

3) Now (at 300 dpi) get change the image size to whatever the final print is going to be.  At this point apply unsharp mask as needed.  Save this file at the new size.

4) I recorded to macros in photoshop to set the adjustment curves I use with the MIS Inks.  Hit a button and it switches the image to 16-bit RGB, and applies one of the curves.

5) And for printing - I have a preset which is "no color management" - 1440 dpi, Media: Photo Paper; High Speed unchecked (though I'm not sure that this is necessary);

6) Print.  Make corrections back in gray mode as needed.  Continue until happy.  There is a dry-down effect with the Epson Semi-Gloss paper; but then it comes back again after it is sprayed.


5:55:24 PM    

I need to ask you all one more question... 

So, when I've been doing say an 8 x 12 print as a darkroom limited edition print, and let's say I'm up to number 9 of 500 -- and now I switch over to inkjet for the same print.  Of course I say on the site that this is an inkjet or giclee print -- but should the number start over at one, or continue from where I left off with the darkroom edition?

Personally, I am tempted to continue.  This, it seems, would add to the value of those who have previously purchased that "darkroom" print... I think.  And so, the whole thing is really based on image + size = limited edition.

I mean, suppose some other technology comes along and I switch to that.  Does the limited edition counter get reset?  What do you think - from the point of view of the buyer.

- - -

"Continue on with the same sequence of numbering.

The 'art' is in the image not the technology. I am excited about your vision (or mine or whomever the photographer is) and however that gets from your brain, spirit, soul to a piece a paper should be transparent.

One man's (strong) opinion. " - L.M.

"you can't possibly compare between gelatin silver prints and digital. they are two different prints -- however, this is a difficult subject because it really depends how much people are willing to spend on a print. i personally would separate the two and have each their own LE numbers. most people will buy it because of the image itself, but collectors will definitely have a problem with archival. that's my two cents anyway." - anonymous

"dave - it doesn't matter.  just figure out what is best for you - from the point of view of letting you do more work and make a living at it.  ah, maybe that's what you're saying, that you dont' know.  but then it is simple.  just begin to sell the inkjet stuff at the same price as what you used to sell the darkroom stuff at and see if it is a problem or not in terms of sales and also whether anyone really cares how it is produced so long as it is good quality..." anonymous

I may have gotten something really special on the subway this morning -- two kids making faces pressing their faces against window of subway car.  Really funny.  Well, usually when I think I got something I didn't and visa versa. 

I bought two more big 13 x 19 packs of the Epson Semi Gloss and some of the Marshalls Spray -- and so this weekend will be spent testing things at a larger size.  After that -- if it works, I'm going to change the site so that all images from 12 x 18 and smaller are GICLEE.  Then, hopefully, can start putting up new images for sale, and to show.  Man, this is like a freakin' full-time job. 

8:03:32 AM