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Friday, April 23, 2004

Helping me move into the new frontier of inkjetness has been a worldwide effort:

S.H. (Alaska)
B.B. (Brooklyn - some say a foreign country)
R.V. (the Netherlands)
R.G. (U.K)

I know, at least according to my friend Andy -- that many of your eyes (is that the proper expression) glaze over when you see another entry about inkjets.  But that is the way of diaries - I think they are some sort of negative indicator, or problem oriented.  What would we write about if not for problems and annoyances.  Were it a perfectly happy little world (yeah right) - there would hardly be any blogs at all.  Maybe there would be no art, no science, and we'd still be living in the stone age.

Speaking of the stone age - I think that there may be another inverse relationship: the artist vs. the religious.  In the beginning, the artist and religious figure were one: you might call this guy (and I suspect it was a guy), the shaman.  He was responsible for putting the images of your prey on the cave wall; not only to make a pretty picture, but to give magical powers to your hunt.

As we became civilized (don't look too far into that word), the two roles got divided.  You had your one guy to take care of your spiritual needs, and your one guy to take care of your artistic needs.  Both they still, were the two best games in town for trying to make sense of a chaotic, and at times meaningless existence.

So it sort of makes sense, that given this separation of powers, you should find that the more one finds meaning in art, the less one looks to religion for same and vica versa.

In certain ages, the two may have gotten intertwined: church sponsored paintings etc. - but this was a monetary necessity on the part of the artist...

4:11:06 PM    

Hi Dave,

You've inspired me to try maintaining a blog....


Best regards,

3:56:18 PM    

Oops #1:  I realized after I got an order for some "color" notecards yesterday, that I actually can't currently print color.  I think I have those particular cards in stock, but it's something to think about.  I don't do much color anyway so I don't think it matters. 

Oops #2: The Frio #55 notecard paper has a little asterisk saying, "not recommended for pigmented ink," although they may mean it isn't going to be archival, which I never meant the notecards to be anyway.  But the first couple of notecards I printed on the Red River Frio look fine. 

12:46:57 PM    

I am beginning to get some beautiful prints out of this setup this morning.  I got on the phone and ordered 2 Eboni Black cartridges and 3 UT2 color cartridges.  At this end of this, I will decide on whether to go to the CIS system.  The banding problem is VERY minimal -- and seems to get less with each print.  I really have to look hard and closeup and in the darkest areas to find it.  Also fascinating is that it doesn't seem to appear at all when I print with the sliders as opposed to the curves.

9:01:22 AM    

Just a quick note, since I'm writing this at 3:30 a.m. in the morning.  After letting the printer rest for about six hours - I took another crack at it.  The print test is perfect, and the banding is gone.  I am getting what they call "pizza wheels" -- and I am not totally sure that I like the ink / paper combination, the semi-gloss -- I'm just not sure about it in combination with the ink... but let's let the paper dry and have a fresh appraisal in the morning.  I have a lot of other papers to play with from my Red River card, just to get some idea of how this looks on various mat papers, not to mention some of their semi-gloss papers.

Things are looking up.  I'm going to order a few more carts tomorrow -- because I've already used about half the ink in the color cartridge with all these tests.  But it looks promising.

Thank you to all those involved: Richo, H.S. r.g., b.b.  I think I'm pretty darn close. 

3:53:33 AM    

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