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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I've been bouncing on and off the G. search.  Sometimes on the home page, sometimes gone completely.  Anyway -- the Epson premium gloss premium paper arrived.  Now I just need the ink. 

- - -

I've done a few more scans, some of TMY and some of the HP5 film to see if there's any difference.  Odd, but the TMY seems to scan in without needing much alteration.  The HP5 still needs some adjustments.  One thing that is amazing, is that the "grain" really does reproduce in the HP5 scans, which is not necessarily a bad thing since I like the look.  I'm going to do some prints from the new scanner just to get some idea of what the scans are looking like in terms of resolution etc.

3:58:02 PM    

Paris Lady - About 1995

I can't do much, other than fool around with the scanner (a lot to fool around with) until the inks and paper arrive.  Don't want to start tweaking images until I know what the output is going to be. So what did I learn so far re: the 5400?

1) Make sure you either have the auto-focus checkbox checked, or you had better manual focus it.

2) The manual focus is slightly better than the auto-focus.  I think this is true but wouldn't bet the house on it.

3) Yikes -- this thing is sharp.  The grain structure is really showing up more than I'm used to.

4) There is a multi-pass setting.  2x, 4x, etc.  Well, this takes an equally long amount of time.  I only tried it at 2x and found that the lower tones were richer.

5) Is it better to make corrections in the scanning software or later in Photoshop?  The correction ability in the DiMage software is very good and I've started using it (which I never used to do with the older Sprintscan software).

6) All of the really "neat" software stuff, such as Digital Ice -- is said not to work with silver halide film, i.e. the usual black and white film I'm using.

7) I love, and I know this is going to sound stupid, but I love the negative carrier.  The best I've used so far.  Really well-designed.

8) This thing has a lot of features that I haven't tried yet, and honestly, until I get to the point of making prints -- maybe later today -- I can't say that much -- other than that at least with the manual focus -- the level of unsharp masking is MUCH lower than what I was doing with the old Sprintscan... more to follow...


Tree, Central Park

11:43:47 AM    

Argh.  Yesterday I noticed that I dropped completely off the top page of G. for the search term: "black and white photography" (unless it is in quotes).

What did I do to deserve this?  I still show up for "black white photography" and for "New York photography."

Was it having G.'s advertising on the home page?

I'm sorry G. for whatever I did to upset you.  Take me back, please.  I promise not to do it again, whatever it was -- if you would only tell me what it was.

8:17:55 AM    

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