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Monday, April 19, 2004

Blossoms, Central Park

Cherry Blossoms and Sky, Central Park

This may be the first scanned photograph with the new negative scanner where I knew what I was doing.  I had made a lot of mistakes in terms of focus and color management with the first few scans.

6:48:49 PM    


Thank you -- this code was suggested to me to help prevent s-p-a-m h-ar-v-e-sting.

S-p-a-m S-c-r-i-p-t And I like the idea a lot.  The low-level threat idea is to change your address into html code.  I did it on the home page, and will do it for the other pages.  Since I'm already "harvested" all over the place it won't fix that -- but nothing will and it will prevent future har-v-esting.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

11:43:58 AM    

Cat woke me so around 4 a.m. So, just for fun, I went to B&H Photo site and noticed that there was a "new" Elan -- the 7N.  I couldn't tell though what the difference was between the N and the just regular old Elan 7 that I have.  Searched around.  Went to Canon's site.  Looked at the specs.  Unless they're saying that it's faster at focusing or quieter -- I'm not sure what has been changed.  What does the "N" stand for?  "Nothing?"  Must be something, but don't know what.

Okay here are the differences:

Elan 7 : "The Elan 7 is the third generation of the extremely popular Elan series of cameras... blah blah blah"

Elan 7N : "The Elan 7n is the fourth generation of the Elan series of cameras. The body incorporates a durable metal top plate and a more simplified control layout than the previous Elan and Elan II cameras. The Elan 7N now also incorporates the E-TTL II Flash-metering system. When combined with an EX-series flash most Canon professional lenses will provide distance information to the camera, insuring that direct flash exposures are more accurate than ever before. Other improvements include an upgraded AF system that delivers faster and quieter AF operation, and a new backlit display. " According to Canon.  Glad to see they're still making film cameras anyway.  I wonder what percentage of their research goes into film cameras these days as opposed to digital SLRs.

- - -

Even with all my s-p-a-m blocking, I'm getting something like 300 s-p-a-m's a day.  I'm probably going to have to remove my e-mail and put up some ASP-based form for people to get in touch with me.  Not a big thing to do -- I think I once had it, but annoying just the same.

5:31:52 AM    

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