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Thursday, April 15, 2004

The sun finally came out today.  I sat on a stoop near my house, meaning to go and do some errands, and I almost fell asleep.  I might be developing narcolepsy, which I consider to be a harmless disease.  (One of the top bosses at the ad agency had nacrolepsy and would often fall asleep at meetings, which turned out to be a Godsend).

At any rate, as I began to drowse off in the warm sun, I did have a vision, both horrible and beautiful - perhaps similar to what Openheimer felt upon viewing his work at Los Alamos: what would it be like to actually get rid of that hunk of enlarger sitting in my little cube-house? And then I began thinking -- what if the print washer went?  The chemicals all over the place (not the HC110 or film thing, I wasn't that crazy), but the lines for drying prints; the screens; the bottles... ah, my cube-house would become a nice place to live again. 

And then I woke up and continued on with my errands.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to go down to B&H and pick up the Dimage 5400 negative scanner.  Next week, there should be a flurry of deliveries.  I setup the wet darkroom this morning -- did several prints for the last order that I've been behind with.... and kicked the table that I have to set up each time to hold the trays, stubbed my foot... well anyway, I guess you see what I'm thinking about.  Dektol, could your days actually be numbered?  I don't know.

I need a sign: damn.  The cat just climbed up to his little spot above the desk and spit up a hairball, just missing the Sprintscan.  That's another thing I've got to take care of.  When he has a hairball, he seems to always climb up to the same spot and aim at the negative scanner.  Better keep that new scanner out of his spitting range.

7:14:29 PM    

Window and Door Photograph

Window and Door

Hi Dave,

Well all I can say is 'wow'!!! The photos are amazing and reached me in
perfect condition.  Thank you so much!

And thank you for the extra photos you sent onto me and the care taken in
the packaging - I really appreciated the gesture.

I must say that my favourite (if possible) is the 'Window and Door' photo -
and I'm so chuffed that I got the first one in the set of 100 limited
edition.  I do love them all though and I will chersih them. Be rest assured
they have pride of place on my walls.

I will definaltely be purchasing more from you in the future - you have an
amazing talent and eye.  What I'll probably end up doing is order another
bulk load at one go to save you the trouble of sending separate orders -
I'll keep my eye on your New - Black and White Photography link!

Will be in touch -
Kind Regards, C.

These went to England.  (Window and Door was the first 8 x 12 inkjet limited edition I decided to sell.  The other prints were the usual fiber darkroom prints). Window and Door was printed with the usual Epson inks on Colorlife paper.  It is pretty damned neutral but not perfectly so.  I sort of used it for a lot of my testing because is has a tremendous number of gray values from some overblown whites in the candles and the candle holders to rich blacks with detail in the shadows between the window and the door (there is actually the shadow of the sign lettering in there) that I don't seem to be able to get in the web version.


9:31:56 AM    

Excerpt from Interview with photographer Ralph Gibson

Chris/Larry: Let us begin with a question about your vision. Your work has an extraordinary balance in it, a certain kind of energy to it. Can you tell us about your state of mind when you are shooting?

Ralph: Well, for the longest time I have known that photography for me is not directly linked to an external event. For example if I say that tomorrow there�s going to be an execution at 12 o�clock. You get there, we can all win a Pulitzer prize. If you get there at 12:01 you miss your shot, as it were. So, what I wanted to do, is be able to make my perception of anything become the subject itself. And for this reason I�ve attempted to take pictures of simple things, you know, like a cardboard box, or a chair, or a spoon. Very humble objects. I�m not terribly drawn towards the epic event. I�d like to make something totally insignificant into an object of importance, by virtue of how photography works.   

8:32:34 AM    

"After the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy spoke to newspaper publishers and said: "This administration intends to be candid about its errors. For as a wise man once said, `An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.' . . . Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed � and no republic can survive."

Compare Kennedy with Mr. Bush, who conceded no errors and warned that any Vietnam analogy with Iraq � in this acid flashback moment when 64 U.S. troops were reported to have died last week and when McNarummy is forcing up to 20,000 troops to stay in Iraq � "sends the wrong message to our troops and sends the wrong message to the enemy."

He reiterated that his mission is dictated from above: "Freedom is the almighty's gift to every man and woman in this world."

Given the Saudi religious authority's fatwa against our troops, and given that our marines are surrounding a cleric in the holy city of Najaf, we really don't want to make Muslims think we're fighting a holy war. That would only further inflame the Arab world and endanger our overstretched military, so let's hope that Mr. Bush's reference to the almighty was to Dick Cheney.  " - Maureen Dowd, New York Times Op Ed (today)


8:26:17 AM    

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