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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Play Rehearsal

Arthur - Rehearsal for "All Is Almost Still" by Adam Selig

9:15:04 PM    

Play Rehearsal

Billy - Rehearsal for "All Is Almost Still" by Adam Selig


I don't know the meaning of the various fruits, the egg, and the white glove.  I have a lot of images to sort through from this one-hour shoot -- but this is one of my favorites.

9:12:17 PM    

The photographs from the play turned out really well -- which sort of surprised me since it was all done so quickly and I was worried about the flash overpowering the theatrical lighting -- but nope -- looks good.  I'm going to ask the director if he minds if I post a few shots on the site.

3:01:46 PM    

Corporate Speak has really entered the Pentagon briefings.  The main thing to remember is that there are no "problems" there are only "challenges."

I think that you, the ordinary person should be licensed to use this language in your everyday life as well.  It is very helpful.  When my computer was giving me the blue screen of death everytime I booted up with my new USB 2.0 card -- this was no problem -- this was just another challenge.

When the cat decided to go up to his perch and spit up hairballs on a batch of negatives -- no problem, just a challenge.

When you trip and fall down the stairs -- no problem -- just another challenge.

It is beautiful to live in a world without problems -- and I thank the Pentagon and the corporate leaders for giving me this new way of looking at the world.

I gave this advice to a friend of mine who had just lost his job and has pretty heavy mortgage bills to pay.  "Frankie," I said.  "You shouldn't see this as a problem -- sure youre wife and kids may have some hard times, but this is just one more of life's challenges..." Click.  I don't think he appreciated my newfound language.

- - -

12:37:09 PM    

Thanks again for spending time with this matter.  Version 6.0.2800.1106
w/updates SP1, Q832894 Q330994 and Q831167 is installed.  Thanks to your
e-mail I just discovered the problem.  I recently installed the latest
version of Mcafee Internet Suite.  There are several parts to this
software(virus scan, firewall, etc.) and when I disable the section called
Privacy Service I can access the sections of your website that I previously
could not.  I have no idea what setting in the Privacy Service is causing
the problem. Thanks again for your help.

11:04:36 AM    

I admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for actors, and although the shoot yesterday was rushed, I enjoyed it.  The idea was to get publicity shots for a three actor play in a rehearsal type space.  Both the director and I thought we were going to have a lighting guy around but he was very busy and only had about five minutes to give us, so he showed the lighting panel to someone who had never seen a lighting panel before -- gave her a bunch of instructions about which buttons to press -- all very computerized -- and left.  It is similar to showing a computer program like Microsoft Word to someone for the first time and saying -- you see -- that's how it works.  Let me know if you have any problems.

We fumbled around with this for about ten minutes -- and came up with something -- not really what I wanted and the actors: one black woman in a white tee shirt, an older black actor and a very white guy all had to be done in the same shot.  In other words, high contrast stuff, and eventually I pulled out the flash just to try and even things out a bit.

The director rehearsed them a little and we looked for spots where there would be some interesting moments, and there may have been.  We'll see.

Bringing the tripod was, as I guessed, a waste since I was scrambling around to get various angles that wouldn't show the backdrop, that would have all three actors with some sort of design element -- in other words -- work fast and move on to the next setup. 

But, as I say -- I think I have a great empathy for actors in general.  They all have a certain bravery to get up there and expose their souls to the slings and arrows of outrageous critics, audiences, and the like.

The odds of any one of them making a living at it are about equal to hitting the lottery.  It's one of those things that you've just really got to be passionate about -- or there's no way you are going to get through it.

Anyway -- there wasn't time to really check the lighting -- I could see that it was uneven -- so I tried to do about half the shots with flash, and the other half without it.  I think I caught a couple of good moments.

- - -

5:09:59 AM    

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