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Friday, April 02, 2004

File Me Away

I said that I would do a print from the "new" section for someone, and I have spent nearly three hours looking for the negative and still haven't found it although I found the 4000 dpi neg. scan in about 5 secs, and it was in a folder with a date etc.  All my scans are so easy to find.  But every few months, try as I do to keep the thousands of negatives organized, I can't find something.

I think this is because at the end of a printing session -- and I do remember doing a small print of this negative (which I also can't find) - I tend to look for the big "recently printed box" and stick it in there meaning to file it later, but of course never do.

The only positive side to this mining expedition is that I end up looking at every freaking thing I've shot for ten years and I usually stumble on something else that looks interesting.

- - -

I've been trying to get my Thawte Certificate for at least two weeks now.  There always seems to be one more piece of paperwork.  In the meantime, my Verisign Cert. expired.  So now the user gets a message saying the certificate has expired when they go to the cart checkout page... great...  It still does its encryption and all that - but it's not a great thing to see when you are about to enter CC info.

Anyway -- that was really why I ended up buying a fax machine which I'm now futzing with.

- - -

Oh man... I just found the negative I was searching for.  It was in a box labeled 2003 Black and White Negatives.  And yes, that is exactly where it was supposed to be filed, but I had a second box labeled 2003 Black and White Negatives and didn't know there were two boxes... Not my day, that's for sure.  I vow to re-organize the negs. so this can't happen again.  I take that vow before all present.

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