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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Rally Images

Strange Wizards , Saturday March 20, 2004

At the time, I thought the guy on the left was dressed like the cowardly lion, but looking at this tableau again, I realize it's all more Star War's based -- at least I think so.

1:47:08 PM    

I'm very happy with the new "automatic" date mechanism on the home page (until it breaks).  I do think that the very word "automatic" dates me.  I think it goes back to the early 19th century and is not a word that would be used by someone born within the last two decades to describe a bit of script on a web page. 

I have become more aware of my "age" recently -- possibly because more and more discussions with friends seem to wander over to health problems, and possibly as a result of seeing the aging of so many relatives and friends at my father's birthday party.

Here are some of the things that I notice:

1) Young people seem very naive.  That must mean that I've become even more cynical than I used to be.

2) Even when I'm walking at a good pace in the street, I find myself passed by more and more people who don't seem to be walking at a quick pace.

3) I have no concern anymore for either my own appearance or the appearance of my apartment.  I was going to go to my father's party wearing running shoes (not that I run anymore).  When I was picked up by my sister, I was ordered to find a decent pair of shoes to wear and I complied.

This is a generational thing, and is akin to when you see people from the previous generation wearing hats.  Our clothing will soon date us as members of a previous generation.

4) Kerry announced that part of his "new" economic plan was to cut corporate taxes.  Only 8 more months of this.

5) I realize that at the rate I'm going, I will never have the money to retire.  I sat down and figure out that if I were to depend on my savings and social security I would barely be able to pay the rent.  So who knows, maybe some of these fringe characters that I've been photographing will one day be me.  Shoe shine anyone?

6) The news anchors seem more vacuous then ever.  I miss David Brinkley.

7) I don't like having women announcers for baseball games. I think all games should be called by either Tim McCarver or Ralph Kiner (is he still alive?).  And speaking of baseball, there should be a limit to how many teams there are; how many divisional playoffs there are; and how much you can pay these guys.  I say, one-million per year and all the endorsements you can get is plenty. I know that is un-American, but I don't care.


1:10:49 PM    

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