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Friday, March 26, 2004

Question for wizards.  Is there a way that I can automatically show when a particular page (let's call it Page B)  has last been updated -- ah not so fast -- but display that date on my home page which we'll call Page A.

In other words, instead of having to manually keep updating the home page to show when something is new in the blog, or the guestbook, when the home page loads, it would get the date change of another page and display it.

I'm thinking that I might be able to do this with a small IFRAME tag, which loads an ASP page which gets that info about PAGE B.  Any ideas?  And I don't even know if I can do that with ASP, not to mention the fact that plenty of times the ASP on the server goes bloohy, so I'd rather do it without ASP if possible.

- - -

SteveR pointed me in the right direction for doing this with ASP, and I think that is the only practical way to give this a shot.  It will mean sticking some IFRAME tags on the home page, but I think it will be worth it.  Now -- do I fool around with this or do my taxes today?

Okay, that is sort of cool.  I added the automated ASP-based date for the Journal.  Hmm, should I show the exact time it last changed?  Easy to do. 


4:20:35 PM    

Rally Images

Shoeshine Man , Saturday March 20, 2004

"I moved down from Harlem because things were dryin' up there. I've been doin' this for 35 years. Do I mind if you take a picture? Not at all. I like to be famous sometimes..."

12:12:36 PM    

Rally Images

Rally, Saturday March 20, 2004, Bush and Toilet

From the NY Times:

"The demonstrations came during the opening phase of a presidential campaign in which the war, weapons of mass destruction and America's role as a global superpower have already played an issue.

All of these issues were touched upon yesterday as the speakers in New York railed against the war and demonstrators hoisted signs saying "World: Don't Fight!" and, in one case, held a toilet seat with Mr. Bush's photo strategically placed."

I did get that shot of President Bush's photo placed inside an open toilet seat cover.  In fact, I approached the fellow who was wearing the toilet seat and tried to start a conversation with him.  I asked him if he was familiar with conceptual art.  He didn't appear to know what I was talking about, just grinned and moved on. 

Not something that is "fit to actually show" in the Times. 

11:37:18 AM    

Rally Images

Kiss during Rally

Saturday March 20, 2004

11:14:21 AM    

Dave, your "Masked Bodies" photo from the protest rally is a superb combination of photojournalism and great composition. It's a compelling and evocative image, even more so for me, because I totally get what these demonstrators were trying to say and totally disagree. But there is one thing with which I can't argue - that this is a great photo. Best regards, SteveR

As far as the photo goes, it wasn't that easy because they were walking, and they weren't going to part for me.  It was shot with the 20mm and I was trying hard to get the other masks in the background which I kept missing, and kept darting back in front of them.

Politics: I will say this -- if there is a pro-Bush rally in New York, I would love to "cover" that as well.  In fact, there is nothing I'd like better than to be able to get a press pass to photograph the Republican Convention in New York, though that is pretty unlikely.  

This second invasion of Iraq was a mistake.  Not that we didn't have the right to do it, but that it is a tactical error.

Now that we're there -- I don't think you can just pull out.  That would be a victory for our enemies and empower them.  That would probably cause a civil war in Iraq.   I would rather have seen more effort go into Afghanastan.  I do think the government had a fixed idea about getting Iraq and that they did not tell the truth about our reasons for going there, although I don't believe it was "all about oil."  I think the idea was twofold: we've been hit and we've got to make a big noise to show that we will retaliate, even if it's against the wrong place; and  we can bring democracy to this place and that will be a tremendous help in the anti-terrorist war.

9:41:26 AM