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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Rally Images

Masked Bodies

Rally, Saturday March 20, 2004

I have about ten good shots from the anti-war rally last Saturday.   I will post more tomorrow.

7:54:34 PM    

Looking over my images, I don't think anyone could say - oh, that's the Beckerman style.

But I can look at certain photographers and recognize their style. Is that because you know their images and they are stamped in your visual memory?

Certainly, in terms of subject matter.  You couldn't mistake an Ansel picture for a HCB picture.  But what would Henri have done in Yosemite if you told the fellow that he couldn't take pictures of people and had to stick to El Capitain for a week (which doesn't move very much).  Where is the decisve moment in a hunk of granite?  The changing light?  I'm beginning to think that the decisive moment is really just a flash inside you where you feel the composition and various technical things are right -- but you don't have time to fully understand what "right" even means.  It's a feeling.

Or perhaps it is a recognition that comes later, upon viewing a print or a negative again.  You realize something.  That is the true decisive moment.

Could it be that all moments are actually decisive depending on how you look at them?  The future is almost here.  The equipment that makes still photographs and "moving" photography is merging.  Soon you will be able to dip into the cosmos at 24 frames per second, or maybe a thousand frames per second.  The so-called moment, will be less important than the space you occupy when you dip into that moving cosmos.  The resolution will be so high, that you can take whatever piece of that stream that suits you.  The decisive moment will move from when the trigger is pressed, to when SAVE BUTTON is pressed on your computer.

Well -- okay -- that's murky at best, but I do try and write something every day -- whether it is rubbish or not.


4:48:55 AM