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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I think I'm back on track again, but the day did not start well.  First I picked up the glass coffee pot and was going to fill it with water to use in mixing chemicals and slammed it into the water faucet and smashed it to bits.

Spent some time picking glass out of the dirty dishes.

Then I bent down to get some paper from my cupboard and for some reason, the cat went nuts and hissed at me and scratched my arm badly.  I spent the next few minutes trying to show the cat that he had done a bad thing and showing him the blood on my arm -- but he didn't seem to get the idea that he had done anything wrong.  In fact -- he seemed to think I had brought it all on myself somehow.

Eventually, I did get around to the main task of the day which was to print some 16 x 20's but even that didn't go very well at first -- as the beeper gizmo that I use with the Zone VI went dead and I had to go downstairs and get a 9 volt battery.

I wanted to try and print some new things at the end of the session but I had already printed more than my washer holds and the chemicals were on their way to becoming inert -- so I called it a day.

Tomorrow I'll mat and ship in the morning, and then hopefully I can get to the rolls I really want to see from last rally.

- - -

I also decided to change from the Verisign SSL certificate to the Thawte certificate since it was cheaper, which meant faxing paperwork to them.


7:38:23 PM    

Received phone call from dad saying they had got all the pictures back from the birthday and they were fantastic, and that a few were extraordinary.  The ones he mentioned had all happened as the result of prompting from me: why don't you kiss so-and-so.  Why don't you stand here and you two look at each other in profile.  Etc.

I found it easy enough to relax parents by asking them how their kids were doing (so long as the kids weren't around).  You will be surprised to know that everybody's kids are doing wonderfully -- according to the people who know them best -- their parents -- so I can report that the next generation will be very different from all former generations and the world will be a great place to live - just ask the parents.

Anyway, enough good shots to make everyone happy but I give most of the credit I will give to a high-end dedicated flash and to my experience with prompting people to look real.

But it did get me to thinking about what is real and what isn't in a photograph and where the line is.  For example, on my way to the march the other day, I was surprised to see a shoeshine guy in the neighborhood and struck up a conversation with him.  Asked if he minded being photographed etc.  Not only did he not mind, but he pulled a clipping from his pocket to show me how famous he was becoming and that I would help him become more famous.

And, as when I attended film school, I found myself giving directions: stand here, how about pretending that you are shining my shoes.... But you have sneakers... Doesn't matter, I won't show them in the shot.

And from there to that photograph of Kerry sitting with Jane Fonda which, it turns out, was a true fake in the sense that it had been manipulated in photoshop or whatever: Kerry had been to that rally, but not in the same photograph with Jane Fonda -- who had not at that point gone to Hanoi yet.

Anyway, it was just by chance that I happened to hear that that photograph was a fake, and that did sort of amaze me since it was on the front page of every major newspaper and a lead story for most of the media for a while and was, I would say that sort of iconographic image that sticks with you.

I think the story behind how that was faked would be a good one.

That's right -- just forget I'm here.



5:22:30 AM