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Sunday, March 21, 2004

From the NY Times:

"The demonstrations came during the opening phase of a presidential campaign in which the war, weapons of mass destruction and America's role as a global superpower have already played an issue.

All of these issues were touched upon yesterday as the speakers in New York railed against the war and demonstrators hoisted signs saying "World: Don't Fight!" and, in one case, held a toilet seat with Mr. Bush's photo strategically placed."

:: I did get that shot of President Bush's photo placed inside an open toilet seat cover.  In fact, I approached the fellow who was wearing the toilet seat and tried to start a conversation with him.  I asked him if he was familiar with conceptual art.  He didn't appear to know what I was talking about, just grinned and moved on. 

Not something that is "fit to actually show" in the Times. 

I imagine it is very tricky to figure out what images to show from such an event for a main line newspaper.  They tend to want to cover either the speakers, or the shot of the whole crowd.  Anyway, stay tuned.



8:20:17 AM    

"I don't mean to treat this as a chatroom but your site and links have meant that I now SEE with a little more clarity. I'm still struggling with electronic imagery, my focus is now on a website rather than the 'wet' printing that is so time consuming. Talk me out of it. " - M. B.

I can't talk you out of it.  Just don't expect to sell photographs through this photonic influx of bits unless:

a) you are famous (and I don't think you are since I haven't heard of you, though I haven't heard of everyone famous)

b) you are infamous (and I don't think you are since you are using your real name)

c) you were once famous (see items a and b)

d) you are selling pictures of something sleezy (this is the most promising avenue in the current climate)

e) you don't care a hoot about selling anything, you just want to have a sort of "show and tell" spot in the world that is all your own.

Regards from the photonic musing center.

3:25:30 AM