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Friday, March 19, 2004

Coin Fishing - Met. Reflection Pool.

First you use the stick to get the coin over to you, he explained.  Then you reach in and get it. 

In case you're wondering, I spoke with him before shooting this and he said he didn't mind.  He had a wonderful worn face, and a cauliflower ear.  He said he was from County Cork, and asked if I knew where that was.  I nodded that I did.  He said he thought I was someone who had been around.  I chatted with him a while, gave him five dollars, and off I went.


Oh, one other thing, the TMX developed in HC110 -- was on the flat side, not thin, just rather low contrast, which surprised me.  It always surprises me how one film acts so differently with a change in developer.  It wasn't bad though.  If I do a little futzing with the time / agitation it will probably fe fine for those times that I want finer grain.

7:49:26 PM    

Dave, while you're thinking about your site as a daily newspaper, have you considered selling ad space? Maybe from a framer or photolab; maybe from a black & white photo magazine; maybe even from a camera or film producer. Just make sure nothing blinks or flashes. Google does this nicely.


I did contact a few places that I like but they all want me to do some affiliate type program, which I've found isn't worth the effort.  Then I tried to contact Canon Cameras since that's what I'm actually using but they never got back to me.  It is something I should spend more time looking into though.

2:25:46 PM    

Shot a roll of TMX (I think the new formula); developed in HC110B; 68F; agitation every 30 secs (4 inversions) for 6 minutes.  It's washing now.  Shot in strong sunlight (high contrast) and in shadowy places.  Hope it comes out okay because I got some good shots of a guy hunting for pennies in the reflection pool at the Met.

1:49:48 PM    

If anyone would like to swap some prints that they've made with the Epson 2200 AND the ImagePrint RIP software (b&w) for some traditional small prints -- that would be great.  5 x 7, 8 x 10, I don't think the size matters much to me at this point.

10:41:25 AM    

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to let you know my photos are all framed and ready for hanging!  I'm so excited!  The kid who unwrapped them and showed them to me before I left the framers said the guy who framed them showed them to everyone who came into the store.  They REALLY liked them! - S.

I do think that the framers are my best audience.  I've received a lot of email saying how much the framers liked the prints.  Anyway -- I have to do some matting and printing today as I'm starting to fall behind.  One more decent sized order this month and I'll make my expenses for the second month in a row -- that might be a record.  I can tell you that selling one good-sized print is much less work, and much more profitable than selling lots and lots of cards which are still a pain to produce.  The larger the print, the more profitable the transaction, which means that maybe I should ask the customer if they want to "super-size" that print?

9:58:30 AM