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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

While I'm sitting here printing out cards, I did a 5 x 7 print of Reporter Crush (below).  This is going to be a really good print -- and will be the first thing I do when I pull out the large trays again.  Not going to be a best seller, may not sell at all -- but there are great things going on in it in terms of dynamic commotion and lighting. If I can find her address, I'll send one to the reporter as well.

The inkjet is behaving itself today.  I do think that when I run through the last few 1280 ink cartridges  -- I'm going to seriously consider the 2200P.  I decided that since the cost of the cartridges was substantial, it didn't make sense to move to another printer until these are finished up. Not to mention all the Colorlife Paper I have -- I doubt if I would still use that if I switched printers.

Hi David, if you are after a new printer that will print fabulous Black and white as good if not better than wet prints check out --
Hewlet Packard--HP photosmart 7960--   For review go to  Excellent Review by very knowledgeable fellow.

I have seen Samples they are really good. Am going to buy one myself if I can sell some surplus photo gear. Best wishes G. (From the U.K.)

Several photographers have told me about this printer.  The review is about the most extensive I've printer review I've read (well, skimmed through) in a long time -- but one interesting thing struck me, that the inkjet nozzle is a part of the cartridge, i.e. when you change cartridges you are changing the nozzle (and that is one good idea).  The other obvious things are that it seems well-suited for black and white printing -- with the extra gray cartridge -- and I would love to be able to do good b&w prints without resorting to all the quadtone profile tricks I've been using. 

2:26:40 PM    

"Honestly Dave, your site is a gem. I found it, lost it, and having found it again, just spent 3 hours like a kid in a black and white candystore. As a lifelong lover of the B+W image I feel I recognize the elusive IT in a print, you have IT in spades. You inspire the inspired. I'm jealous, damn! I have talent, but, you are the real deal."  M.B.

Considering what I said yesterday about mass critiques, there are times when you should pay attention to what the audience thinks.

Incidentally, the problem with the dog walks has always been that I seem to want to show two things at once: the dogs frisking around, as well as the shape of the entire walk.  In other words, I think I see it in cinematic terms of a wide establishing shot and then close-ups.  I'm going to make a note to myself to see if I can do a double-exposure type of thing in Photoshop, taking the best of the dogs, with the best of the wide shot and sticking them together.

The other options would be to do a triptych which is something I've been meaning to try for a while now.  At any rate, today there are a bunch of cards to get done, and two orders that need to go out.  Tomorrow I'm either going to take a ride up again to that cemetery in Harlem or do some actual darkroom printing so that I can add a few things from the "new" section to prints for sale. 

9:44:29 AM