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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Beginning to add shots from the Gay Marriage demo in NY to the new section.  Still have a lot to wade through.  Still two rolls to develop.  I have a tremendous mix of things on these last few rolls.

The colonoscopy saga (One of the colonoscopy shots is really special -- the woman in the bed next to me, still asleep after her procedure -- but I don't feel right posting it -- so I guess I won't.)

The dog walk in the rain.

And some other odds and ends.

9:35:32 PM    

One of my photographs from the Radio Play by Little Goat Theater:

Actors #20

Will be published in a magazine called World Literature Today.

6:20:02 PM    

Went down early to the gay marriage protest by Marriage License office.  Lots of media coverage.  Will see how I did.  Probably pretty typical news type shots.  I now have lots of new film to get to.

Nobody could get married because it was deemed illegal.  But there were plenty of sign-carrying couples and one of my favorite local reporters was down there -- I guess I have a sort of crush on her -- so I followed her around a while and photographed her doing interviews.

Oh the poor politicians.  What are they going to do?  Especially in New York?  We've got a Republican Mayor who I suspect doesn't give a hoot one way or the other about this but is being forced to make a statement.  If he comes out against it, he loses a lot of very active votes.  Comes out in favor, loses a lot of votes.  And of course, the gambit by Bush is working as planned since this is the big story that is wiping out other minor stories like Iraq, the economy etc.

At any rate -- just in case you wonder -- they weren't giving out marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  But people lined up to get them anyway.  They were giving out domestic partnership papers.

My personal feelings -- I'm with Bush -- I believe in Freedom.  That, is supposedly what we're fighting to preserve.  And I believe the government should stay out of areas where it just don't belong and this is one of them.

I guess it's lucky I'm not in charge because I would let people do whatever they wanted so long as they didn't hurt anyone else (of legal age).  I would probably do away with all the drug laws, parking laws, and monogomy laws.  Do you know how much money is raised in New York enforcing mandatory seat-belt laws?  Motorcycle helmets: optional.  I just don't see why I should pay taxes to pay policemen to give me a ticket to go into paying politicians to keep me from doing something that might be dangerous to my health.  That's for me to decide.

I'd increase the taxes on S.U.V.s because those babys are dangerous to the rest of us who ain't in one.

I'd force every major cable and network to offer many hours of free prime-time air to the candidates for one month before the election.  Stuff like that (I think they do that in England, don't they?)

- - -


11:29:26 AM    

Accordian Player, Paris

Soccer Player , Paris

The search for gold continues. Walter Huston speaks to Bogart and Holt who are ready to turn around and go home, not realizing they're standing on the beginning of the trail to the gold.  [If you've never seen Treasure of the Sierra Madre, rent it]

"Nuts? Nuts, am I? Let me tell you something, my two fine bedfellows. You're so dumb there's nothing to compare you with. You're dumber than the dumbest jackass." - Treasure of Sierra Madre which is how I feel sometimes going through this mountain of negatives.

2:42:20 AM    

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