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Monday, March 01, 2004

Colonoscopy went fine, although the nurse who put in the I.V. kept saying "shit" to herself and looking for a second spot.  It was a good idea to bring the hexar.  The damned thing was so quiet I wasn't sure it was firing but as I sat in the waiting room in my paper gown I would sneak it out of my bag and take a couple of shots and then put it back.

When I was in the recovery room I asked the nurse to pose for me and she did.  I have a headache now, probably from the sedatives.  And yes, I was awake during the procedure and watched the whole thing on the t.v.  I think at one point I was humming to myself -- might be a new tune if I could remember it.

I think I have a pretty high tolerance to the sedatives because when they wheeled me to the recovery room, the woman who had had a colonoscopy by the same doctor right before me was still asleep, and I was just sitting there watching her and waiting for an opportunity to get my camera from the bag.

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And I added the "Donate" button on the right.  Paypal has made major improvements since the last time I used them -- you can pay with a credit card now without having a Paypal account.  I begin to wonder whether I should use them for orders instead of my whole cart thing... I'm going to have to do a little experimenting with them.

6:00:20 PM    

I put batteries back in my little Hexar Classic to take along with me for my colonoscopy.  I don't know if I'll get a chance to use it, but I can tell you that its the only camera I'd dare take along, and it is my only camera that I have other than the Elan 7.  Hopefully, I won't get arrested as a colonoscopy spy or anything.  Not exactly pocket-sized but I do love that thing and that's the one camera I'm glad I never got rid of.  It is one of the early models with the super quiet mode, which was later removed for copyright problems (I think).

I am fully expecting to have problems with my new arch nemisis -- the Unified Cosmodemonic Healthcare Company.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what they mean by customary charges -- since what they seem to think is customery is simply what they want to pay which is about half what they charge up here on the great upper east side. Pfui.  Wouldn't it be amazing if they would actually tell you ahead of time what they will pay?  You know, like all other vendors. 

If you are going to go for a colonoscopy get Robert Klien's CD with the song: A Colonoscopy...  (who by the way went to my high school ten years before me).  I think it was also an HBO special.

Having spent most of the time on the can last night as prep -- I would have thought I could have been up to stay through the Academy Awards -- but I got bored pretty quickly and went back to reading and re-reading the Sharper Image catalogue.  I now know it backwards and forwards..

Bill wrote asking whether it would be Kosher to tweak the leaf in the upper left corner of Embrace to make it more of a heart -- and it's funny, although I have no memory of where that shot was done or under what circumstances, I did remember noticing the heart-like shape of that leaf.

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