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Sunday, January 18, 2004


Instead of linking to a separate search page with with 3 text boxes, maybe place a single text box in your navbar with a radio button to select the area of the site to search.

-- I thought of that.  There's a hidden field that tells google what to search that would have to be set with javascript.  I didn't feel like figuring out how to do that:

Here's the field:

Tells google to only search for pages that have "prints for sale" in the title.

OK.  I know how to do it -- onClick, onChange, on something or other... but of course if someone has js turned off... no go...


And I like this feature, I added the search form to the Prints For Sale section and can easily do this now for any other section:


And I also decided to only show five thumbnails at a time... I thought too many thumbnails didn't give each shot its own due.

p.s. I keep making little discoveries with Photoshop.  In the web gallery, there is a switch for turning off saving of the metadata with the web jpg it creates -- voila -- the web images are about 25% smaller and even better savings for the thumbnails.

Also, I figured out how to use the PRE TAG in the template to preserve some of the metadata.  (This all should be put into a separate journal labeled: How It Took Four Weeks to save 50 minutes worth of time or something along those lines).

One other note: SOMEBODY (God I hope it isn't me) should write a script in for Photoshop, to really give you more control over pulling that dreaded METADATA from the image file, and allowing you to place it where you want in your web template...  You could then write a series of templates for Photoshop, and all the person would have to do is put the info in the file with Photoshop -- set a few parameters and there you have it.  I am doing this now -- but it is a kludge, using for example, the CREDIT field to hold the PICTURE ID.  I'm not going to do it -- would there be a market for it?  Don't know.

6:09:59 AM