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Kid in Rain


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10/12/2005 Kid in Rain
kid in rain
Kid In Rain

Tell us something about the toning, Dave. Why tone this and not the one below? We seek wisdom, or at least comment.
Michael - honestly, I'm not sure. I think I had a book about some kids on an adventure that was illustrated with old-fashioned looking pictures (we're digging back 40 years!) - and I was thinking about it when I decided to tone this one.

The one below would look good toned as well but I like the whiteness of the car.
Agreed on leaving "No Explanation" straight b/w. IMO, "Kid in Rain" would work either way. Both are sweet takes.
This will prove how retro I am, but since you can't use selenium to tone a photo in photoshop, how do you do it?
Does the image have to be converted to RGB?
Matt - it's just the PowerRetouche Plug-In for photoshop which has various toning options. I've stopped pouring selenium over the files like I used to :)

And yes - RGB. Actually most of the images posted are still in RGB (The Sharpner Plug-In only works in RGB)and I print them in RGB (the 4800 doesn't care whether they're in RGB or Grayscale) and unless I convert them back to grayscale - they're still posted in RGB mode.
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