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As kids in the Bronx, we knew that when the a-bomb hit, they would use the Empire State Building as ground-zero, and that most if not all of "The City" would be annhiliated.

However, our teachers had a soothing answer to that, which was to scare the hell out of us at random intervals but tellling that a nuclear bomb was going to be dropped and that we should get under our little wooden desks, with our faces away from the window. Once we were all tucked under our desks, they would walk around the room (apparantly they weren't afraid they'd get melted) and taps our shoulder if we were sticking out too much. I remember the feeling that if any part of me were not under the desk it would be barbequed. Still, it was a puzzle as to why the teachers should be immune.

As we got older, most of us realized that these flimsy wooden desks weren't going to help much if the big barbeque in the sky happened, and we began to enjoy this as a kind of recess. Kids passed notes to each other, made faces, and annilihation became pretty much of a joke.

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