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In the third grade we played a delicate card game called Knucks. Kid's would sit in the back row of class and play cards under their coats.

The object of the game was to win a hand and use the card deck to make your opponent's knuckles bleed.

I believe the game was a sadistic variation on the more common child's game of War. Each player would turn over a card, and if there was a war (tie) you looked at the winning card and if it was red (for blood) you got to hold the cards perpendicular to the opponent's knuckles and strike him as hard as you could without raising your arm past shoulder level.

If it was black, you had to hit him with the cards held parellel to his knuckles. And there was one other penalty -- I don't remember what the circumstances were, but you could scrape the cards, edge down, along your opponent's arm as hard as you could.

We loved this game. The real moment of glory was not dealing the blows to your opponent but being able to absorb a great number of blows without showing any pain.

[I'm sure someone is going to write to me and tell me the rules to the game I've written were wrong, but this is the best I can remember.]




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