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208th Street. There was only one problem with the apartment at 208th street: I didn't have a room. My two sisters shared a room, and when we first came into the place I asked my father where I was going to sleep, and she showed me a narrow hallway which connected the living room with the girl's room.

He told me not to worry, he had already measured it out and saw that a bed could be squeeze in between where the bathroom door opened and the girl's room.

And it wasn't that bad. Sort of like sleeping in an empty torpedo tube. Anyone who went to the bathroom passed through this hallway. The girls passed through it constantly. And since it was off the living room, it was like sleeping in traffic. But the place was nice. Roach free. We had picked up a stray dog which must have been abused because every time the doorbell rang, the dog ran for cover under my bed. The really great thing about this apartment was that there was a side entrance that opened onto an alleyway where there was a cool breeze in the summer, and we would sit by the door watching baseball for hours.


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