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Tiffany Street Man, 2002

This fellow, who told me his name in Spanish, (I think it was Jorge), then reached into a bucket and asked me if I'd like some coffee. It's Spanish coffee he said. I don't usually drink coffee but I accepted it and then he gave me some buttered bread as well. So we had breakfast together on the pier. Pretty soon he was telling the story of his life. How he should have listened to his parents and gotten an education. How he had been driving a truck for the last twenty years, but his back had gone out and now he was on disability. How the neighborhood was still pretty dangerous because kids don't have any respect for their parents anymore. How they're walkin' around with $200 sneakers and don't really know what's important in life, that a lot of these kids looked forward to going to jail 'cause they'd get three square meals a day, and that there was even cable t.v. in some of the jails. I told him that I wouldn't look forward to spending any time in these jails, and he said -- man, it all depends on what you've got waiting for you on the outside.

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