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Oval -- Upper Level

We went everywhere through this Oval. To get to Bainbridge Avenue we walked through the Oval. To go to Mosholu Parkway we walked through the Oval. This was our playground., ur place to hang out, and the hub to other parts of the neighborhood.

This is where I would jog with my father. This is where my sister Jean started hanging out with a "bad bunch of kids" until my father stopped it.

This is where you could either run on the 1/4 mile track, or run around the top level through the trees, gliding over the hexagonal tiles.

This is where I took some of my first photographs when I was 14, asking my friend Greg to pose on top of the monkey-bars like the cover of a sixties album.

I'm not sure what the actual name of The Oval is. As you walk around it, each sign is slightly different: "The Resevoir Oval", "The "Highbridge Oval" the "Bronx Oval" or as we called it "The Oval".




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