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Fordham Road and Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York

The hub, the center of the universe, the place where all things could be bought, seen, visited, and tasted, had to be Fordham Road.

What is now Caldor's (seen on the left) was Alexander's. The "Grand Concourse" and it was "Grand" runs from left to right. The iconfluence of the rich, at least to us they were rich, people who could live "on the Concourse".... I mean, that was like living on Park Avenue. And the Commerce of Fordham Road... Don't get me started.

"Ma, I'm goin' to the movies..."

"Where ya goin?"

"I'm goin' to Fordham with my friends."

Goin' to Fordham was like going to Times Square. It was as close as you got to a feeling of "The City" without actually going into the city which was a real pain.

And if there the center of the universe had it's own center -- for me that was the aptly-named Paradise Theatre.

I can remember lying back in the plush seat (I think the Paradise was always a little more than say "The Valentine") anyway, lying back before the movie started and staring up at the twinkling stars in the vaulted ceiling.

Of course, even back then, we always snuck our food in. Much to expensive to buy hot dogs there. We'd go across to Gorman's and get hotdogs and keep 'em under our jackets going into the theatre. This was standard, not just for kids, but for parents as well. Anytime I'd go to a movie with my mother, she'd stop off someplace outside the theatre to get food to smuggle in. Sometimes, during the summer, when you weren't wearing a coat, this could get somewhat ridiculous as you might ask the counter guy to wrap each half of a sandwhich separately so that you could stuff each half into its own pocket.



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