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If you are not from the Bronx and would like to become an honorary Bronxite, I have been granted the power to bestow that upon you. If you are from the Bronx, then you know that no one can bestow that. But seriously folks, if you would like to send a few bucks for this Bronx project or the site in general, you can donate below. If you'd like your name on this page, let me know how you'd like it listed. Thanks.

The following people have been kind enough to send film (TMAX 400), or teabags (Twinings Irish Breakfast tea preferred), or cash through paypal and all such donations are humbly appreciated.

Hank Spellman (Honorary Grand Pooka) 7-09-02

Felix Erazo (Official member of the Bronx Historical League) 5-9-02

Karen Werner (Became an official Bronxite on 4-25-02)

Charlie T. (ah, the Twinings Tea was a pleasure)

Melissa T. (karma all the way)

Dorothy O'Beirne (a pleasure)

N. B. (you surprised me. i can't believe you figured out how to sign up for paypal)

John C. (vintage class)

Graham M. (european excellence)

Terry D. (thanks)

Stephen V. (appreciate it)

Mary S. (a pleasant surprise)