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De Witt Clinton #2, Bronx, New York 2002


I still receive requests from the Clinton Alumni Association to donate to our wonderful heritage. These letters get tossed, unread, into the nearest fire. My first day at Clinton a kid tried to steal my shoes (while they were still on my feet) as I was walking up the stairs. A hand reached from below and tried to pull them off. I was only five-foot two when I started Clinton, and was forever being picked on by the bigger boys. I guess, out of necessity, I grew another foot while I was at that school.

In those days, De Witt Clinton was an all-boys school, and boys from any part of the city could attend. For the most part, these were kids like myself who hadn't been able to get into a good school like Science or Music And Art.

The first class that sparked my interest wasn't until my junior year of High School where a teacher, Mr. Mullen, taught a class in philosphy. I took this and several other pre-college type classes from Mr. Jacob and got A's. But Mr. Jacob was really bucking the tide, and after doing this for three semesters, Mr. Jacob had some sort of nervous breakdown and opened a shop where he sold hand-woven baskets that he made (a craft I always figured he learned in the asylum).



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