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Putnam Place

And the courtyard was where we "held court" when we were too young to venture out onto the streets alone. Or, where we would play all those Bronx games like stoopball or off-the-point. I was sitting on the steps of that courtyard when my parents arrived home with my new baby sister. That means that I was seven years old -- and as far as I remember, was left at home with my other sister who was then five to await my parents' return.

I had the key to the Seigel lock around my neck on a lanyard that I had made the summer before at the Mosholu Day Camp. And as far as I can remember, there was nothing unusual about a seven-year old boy and a five-year old girl left unattended, and unwatched. My aunt Shirley lived down the hall, and the Classes -- our Irish neighbors were always around. If we got hungry we could go down the street and visit the woman that we only knew as Francis The Tailor Lady. In short, there was a kind of web of neighbors, relatives, shopkeepers, and even other kids that we could turn to.

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