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This place has been on the corner of Gun Hill and the entrance to the Bronx River Parkway for years. I always thought it was called "Control-A-Door."

Each sign, no matter how banal, became linked to a story. For example:

Figuring out how to keep our station wagon in one piece, or in the spot where we left it was a full-time job. My father came up with something ingenious. He got a big heavy chain, and laced it through the outside grillwork so that it looked impossible to get the hood up. However, the chain never really made a full-circle, and although it appeared to be locked, the hood could actually be opened without undoining the chain.

This was a fine bit of ingenuity. However, one morning we came downstairs to find that gasoline had been poured on the right side of the car, and the car had been set ablaze and there was just a charred hull in the morning. But his lock and chain survived the fire and he put it on the next car.



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