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1636 University Avenue, Apt. 1A - Bronx, NY 2002

My Room from Back Hallway.

As you walked into the room, on the right was my dresser. For some reason my sister had carved my initials in it while I was out playing. When I returned home, my father was waiting for me, quite livid. I had never seen him so mad. Before I had a chance to explain myself, he had pushed me up against the wall and was screaming bloody murder.

This cruel injustice festered with me, through the afternoon, at which point I climbed out the window, and took off. I was about eight years old. I walked all the way to the Marine recruiting station on Fordham Road and stayed there until it got dark.

At some point, one of the Marines came out and after talking to me, called my parents who came and picked me up. My sister, meanwhile had confessed.

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