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204th Street, Bronx, New York

This intersection near 204th street, is how I think of the Bronx. The streets were plopped down in a random way, at odd angles, and neighborhoods changed from one side of the street to another. If you followed the street to the right, you ended up at my uncle Hy's house, and further on my Junior High School. But I have no idea what lives were lived out to the left.

If Manhattan is a nice organized grid, the Bronx, once you left the main arteries, was a place of strangely pleasing but chaotic shapes. Think of what the rooms in the front of this building (facing us) must have looked like with a window in the corner of the room and two windows on each side. At night, there must have been a steady stream of headlines pouring into that room and then veering to the right.

We live in a small house on the right side (more later). But I can still remember falling asleep watching headlights bursting through a mosaic on the nearby bathroom window, and playing on the ceiling each night.


I offer several Bronx photographs as Note Cards here

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